Wastewater Department


The City of Levelland's Wastewater Treatment Plant is nearing the end of its life. Built in 1983, the plant was projected to last for 30 years and will surpass its 40th year this year. The aging infrastructure and outdated technology are in need of replacement.

NOTICE OF INTENT to issue certificates of obligation to fund this project                           (Required to be posted on this website. Date posted: 9/26/22)

PROJECT INFO MAILER will be mailed to each utility accountholder address. To see the mailer, click this link: 2022 Wastewater Treatment Plant mailer

Wastewater Department Information

Mission Statement

450Lift Station.jpgTo insure the citizens of Levelland receive a quality standard of water and ensure a safe and sanitary environment in which to live and raise a family. In order to maintain this objective, we pledge to abide by and stay current on all rules and regulations concerning the safe delivery of drinking water. We pledge to provide and operate the most efficient means available to react and dispose of wastewater. Our goal is to provide a high standard maintenance to the existing system and to facilitate the planning and implementation of future development.

Source of Water

The City of Levelland has a reliable water supply through a municipality owned and operated system in conjunction with Canadian River Municipal Water Authority. The distribution system has mains up to 16" under 55 to 60 PSI.


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