Main Street Accomplishments

In the 20 year history of the Levelland Main Street Program, many projects, visual victories, and events have been realized to help accomplish our Vision of the Levelland Square. Below are some of the most current:

Main Street Signage

The Design Committee of the Main Street Program installed gateway signage at each of the four entrances into Levelland back in 2011.  Each sign highlights Levelland's status as a Texas Main Street City.  In 2015, wayfinding signage was added to several high traffic areas in Levelland to help visitors find their way toward downtown shopping.  These projects were made possible with help from the Texas Department of Transportation, City of Levelland Street Maintenance and a core group of volunteers.

Pedestrian Signage


Thanks to a grant from the Anice Read Fund, through the Texas Downtown Association, the Levelland Main Street Program was able to begin the first phase of installing pedestrian signs for businesses in the Main Street area in 2015.  Since that time over sixty signs have been installed on the Square.  This project was made possible by an ongoing partnership and in-kind donations from Allied Oilfield to design, install and maintain these signs.  Signs will continue to be installed on as needed and pending funding basis.

Sidewalk Renovations


Since 2002, the city of Levelland has been working on enhancing the sidewalks in the Main Street area.  The goal of the sidewalk renovations for downtown are to improve the safety for our citizens and visitors and amplify the aesthetics of the Square.  The most recent renovations are pictured to the left and were completed in 2017.  Over $150,00 was invested by the City to make these improvements possible. Over $35,000 of private funding was invested as well during the scope of the City's work. $300,000 more will be invested in new sidewalks downtown in 2018 thanks to a Texas Capital Fund grant through the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Downtown Bench Project


In 2006, six beautiful, metal benches were installed at the entrances of the Hockley County Courthouse thanks to a partnership with Hockley County and the Levelland Noon Rotary.  Each bench sits on beautiful pavers that match other features on the courthouse property.  In 2016, the first, matching metal bench was installed on the south side of the Square to replace an older bench that was removed during sidewalk renovations.  Seven new benches will be installed in 2017 to replace the existing benches.  Individuals and businesses are invited to sponsor a bench in memory of a loved one or as a business.  Check out more info on our Bench Sponsorship Program page.

Levelland Sip & Swirl


The first annual Levelland Sip & Swirl took place in June of 2017.  The event is a fundraiser for the Levelland Main Street Program to continue downtown improvements such as those mentioned above.  The second annual Levelland Sip & Swirl will be June 8, 2018 from 6:30pm-9:30pm.  For ticket, sponsorship and additional information visit our event page, Levelland Sip & Swirl.