Meeting Audio Recordings

As a public service the City of Levelland is making audio recordings of some meetings available to the public. While these recordings are public records, they are not the official record of the proceedings of the body which is meeting. The official minutes of the meeting, once approved by the body, is still the official record of the proceedings of the body that is meeting.

Listeners are cautioned that the audio recording may not accurately reflect the actual proceedings or the actions taken at the proceedings. Due to shortcomings of the human participants of the meetings, and potential problems with the recording technology used in making the recording, the recordings could be incomplete, could contain inaudible and unintelligible sounds and voices, could contain background noise and static, and could be inaccurate for any number of other unforeseen reasons. In addition, not all voices heard on the recording may be identified.

Below is a list of meeting for which recordings are available. To access the recording of the meeting simply click on the meeting in the list.