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Ladies Night Out Participation Form

  1. Ladies Night Out Business Participation Form 
    Thursday, November 10, 2022 6:00 pm –9:00 pm

    Cost to Participate: $150

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  3. Thank you for your interest in the 17th Annual Ladies Night Out!  Please confirm your business participation by completing the signed form by October 24th. Questions? Call: 806-598-2098
    or Email: 

    • guarantees your business listings in all advertising
    • a wreath for your business door
    • a red carpet for your business entrance
    • a doorman for your business entrance
    • marketing cards to place in customer's sacks prior to event
    • helps underwrite costs associated with the event: golf carts, carriage, advertising, etc.
    • and other benefits as lined out in document downloadable at: 
  4. To make it fair for all participating businesses payment is due by Oct. 24, 2022.  When you hit submit the online payment form will come up. You can also access it anytime at:   Pay Online

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  6. Ladies Nite Out Inv. sixteenth 2021 REVISED
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