Bench Sponsorship Program

Metal Bench Program Diagram

Three Benches are still available for sponsorship!

1. North Businesses, West Bench - near Malouf's J-M

2. East Businesses, North Bench - near Billy Price Furniture

3. East Businesses, South Bench - near Atchison's Jewelry

Bench Plaque

In 2006, eight benches were installed around the Square as part of a grant from Texas Yes!  Those eight benches have served the downtown well, but the time has come to remove and replace them.  In 2012, the Design Committee established a beautification plan for the development of the Main Street area.  This plan includes the look and design for all materials added or replaced downtown from sidewalks to benches.  

The Revitalization Committee has developed a Bench Sponsorship Program to enable any individual, business or organization to invest in the Levelland Square with a permanent fixture that can be a memorial for a loved one or a public display of community support. If you are interested in sponsoring a bench, please contact the Main Street Manager for more information.