Levelland Municipal Airport

The Levelland Municipal/Hockley County Airport is jointly owned by the City of Levelland and Hockley County and is classified as a General Business Airport by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Texas Department of Transportation.

Located on Highway 385 just south of town, Levelland Municipal Airport boasts one of the best runways and supporting facilities of any General Aviation airport for a city of its size in Texas. With a first class runway over 6,000 feet long, almost any aircraft short of a commercial air carrier can easily be accommodated.

In order to provide onsite services such as fuel sales and handling hangar rentals the City and County have contracted with a private individual to serve as Airport Manager. This individual is also an FBO (Fixed Base Operator) on the airport. The Airport Manager handles the actual daily operations at the Airport, coordinates maintenance activities with the City, and works with the State and Federal Aviation Departments to make sure that all requirements are being met. The City and County is proud to provide great service to the area with such a qualified employee manager.

Levelland Aero Service, Inc serves as the fixed base operator for the airport owners, the City of Levelland and Hockley County. Levelland Municipal Airport is fully equipped and handles all General Aviation needs.The overall mission of the Airport is to meet the local aviation needs of the community and have adequate facilities available to handle the corporate flying needs of the business community in a safe, effective, and efficient manner. The airport rents both T hangers and box hangers, has credit card operated fuel pumps, and an onsite fully licensed aviation mechanic, HSI Turbines Inc.

For more information, call 806-442-0995.